The images on these pages are  NOT FOR SALE AS SINGLES  they are only here as examples.  Two of them shown below were created on behalf of third parties and have been out of stock .

The others are files that we have created as examples of what we can offer if you are looking for a patch to represent an organization and will need 100 pcs. or more. We have seperated them into two main catagories; those of interest to police and fire departments and those of interest to clubs and/or dive centers. Of course if you see a file in any catagory that suits you, do not hesitate to ask us about it.
Last but not least we have included some files that we have no intention of producing for ourselves but we would be willing to tune them up and get them made if you buy 100 or more. And we would promise to not use the image ourselves  except, of course, when we just add your name to one of our themes. 
abalone The patch on the left was   designed for an avid Abalone Hunter  from Oakland California. We sold all of the ones that we kept. 
There may still be a few to be had at dive stores in the Bay Area.
On the right is a patch that was made to raise money in support of Cave Safety in the Yucatan of Mexico.

These are just a few of the choices using badges and , of course, the Maltese Cross. Colors can be changed and some features are interchangable. The challenge is in how to fit the text to your patch.

Clubs and local dive centers can have their own insignia. How about a Nitrox Diver Patch with your club or dive shop name ?

We have about 6 patches on our drawing board right now waiting to be made.
Here are a few that we are sure we will never make. One of them is on a T-Shirt that we sell, but we have no plans to make a patch. These are waiting for adoption
Check them out!

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